Most of the world’s cities were settled by happenstance.

Global Entrepreneurship Research Network members will play a leading role during the upcoming GEC+ in Daegu, South Korea.

One of the great drivers of innovation today is the promise of digital disruption of complex and regulated industries.

As new digital platforms disrupt long-standing business models, enhance social connectedness, and change the way people live and work, are cities poised to thrive in the future economy?

Governments around the world collect a great deal of data to track economic indicators such as gross domestic product, productivity, employment, income and wage growth, consumer prices, among other

This update has been provided by Kalilou Dama, representing the International Business Innovation Association.


Whether in Silicon Valley or Kenya’s furniture sector, innovation is a critical driver of job creation and economic growth.

Startups Nations, a network of 72 startup-savvy policy advisors and public-sector program leaders, recently formed a working group to document knowledge on the most innovative policy levers from ar